Full Effect

Working with Young Leaders in St Ann’s, and with primary schools, Full Effect aims to identify and support children and young people from becoming involved in youth violence and crime through a combination of early intervention, mentorship, and training.
The Royal Foundation is working with Epic Partners, the Community Recording Studio (CRS), and Latimer Group to deliver Full Effect; a project to improve the opportunities for young people and reduce youth violence in St Ann’s, Nottingham.
Full Effect will deliver a variety of projects to engage children and young people, offer skills and training and life opportunities. The first project to be delivered, a broadcast quality short film titled Guillemot was started in April 2014 and will premiere in early 2015.
Fifteen local young people have been working with the Latimer Group to learn how to make this film. Through this innovative and intense programme, these Young People developed into the Full Effect production team; they took part in an accredited training programme, co-created a thought provoking film about leaving home and experienced life working in professional London-based creative companies.
Their powerful creation is called Guillemot.  Watch it now (please note you must be over 15 years old to watch)