So, what are Full Effect’s aims?  We have a passion to empower young people to engage their peers and communities in the issues that matter most to them whilst developing key skills, aspirations, industry networks and employment opportunities.

How do we do this?  By offering Early Intervention programmes and building a wider support network for Young People:

Early intervention

Early intervention for primary and secondary aged children, working with teachers to identify those at risk of violent or criminal behaviour and provide them and their families with intensive support both in school and through community based diversionary activities.

Building a wider support network

To build a generation of aspirational young leaders in St Ann’s, helping them to create alternatives to violence and criminal behaviour. The young leaders will receive training to acquire formal qualifications as well as benefit from internships in London and Nottingham, and apprenticeships to give them a track record of work experience. In time, these young leaders will mentor and support the next generation.

Full effect staff

Helen Davis –Project Development Manager, Epic Partners

Trevor Rose – Director, CRS

Alison Reaney – Youth Development Manager

Rachael Flannagan – Administrator / PA, CRS

Jourdan Blair – Youth Engagement Worker

Kiddus Selassie  – Youth Engagement Worker / Engineer

Sean Ashmore – Youth Engagement Worker/ Engineer

Mick Dawber – Child Development Worker

Chantelle Stefanovic – Child Engagement Worker

Nick Sterret – Youth Worker & Studio Engineer

Nat Semple  – Youth Engagement Worker