Best of the Guillemot GIFs

Please feel free to use these 3D GIFs across your sites and social channels, just drag them from the page on to your desktop or right click and save as.The film was made by and stars a group of teenagers from St Ann’s in Nottingham, who have shown exceptional talent and determination in this creative project.

If you are going to use these images, please credit the film Guillemot , and encourage people to watch by embedding this YouTube link of the full 30 minute film, which launched tonight following its premier in Nottingham:

Please also link to the films social channels on Twitter and Instagram: @WeAreFullEffect and #Guillemot where you can find instavideos and images of Prince Harry and all of the cast members.

To understand more about the film and the story of how it was made, you can watch this interview with Dominic West, who went up to Nottingham to meet the three lead cast:

A Royal First

Prince Harry creates the first ever Royal GIF in St Ann’s Nottingham to promote the film Guillemot

Prince Harry GIF with the cast

Prince Harry shares a laugh with the three lead actors of the film Guillemot

A Royal Handshake

Prince Harry shakes hands with lead actor Tylar from Guillemot


The Cast

The Guys